Park Avenue Baptist Church

Standing Committees 2008

Effective 1-1-08


Committee Members


Sandy Simpson, Donna Bigham, Stella Donoho, Sharon Brown, Shirley Brown,

Pam Ellis, Norma Dyer, Carmen Oslager, Lavonne O.

Building & Grounds

2008 Laura Seidel, Sandy Graddy

2009 - Harold Boyd, XXXXXXXX

2010 Steve England,

Chairman of Ushers

Gale Howell


Norma Dyer, Assistant Donna Peacock


2008 Sandy Graddy, Donna Bigham

2009 Diana Boyd,

2010 - Kay Bishop, Blondell Buford

Flower Person

Norma Dyer

Food Pantry

Randy Odle, Irene Green, Kletta Francis, Gale Howell, Stella Donoho,

Don Bigham, Donna Bigham, Vera Webb, Carmen Oslager, Lavonne O.,

Don Scott, Chuck Ellis, Beverly Walker

Food Pantry

Board of Directors

2008 Charlie Morris, Chuck Ellis

2009 Bill Hogue, Kletta Francis

2010 Randy Webb,

Kitchen / Fellowship

2008 Michael Whitworth, Norma Dyer

2009 Pam Ellis, XXXXXXXX

2010 LaVonne O., Cathy Whitmore


Norma Dyer

Outreach &

Prayer Committee

Charlie Morris, Bob Coats, Eleanor Coats, Stella Donoho, Mary Johnson, Jerrell Johnson, Evelyn Schmidt, Jerry Brown, Jerry Linville, Nelson Cowen,

Donna Bigham


2008 Bill Hogue, Carmen Oslager

2009 Marion Whitlock, Don Bigham

2010 Laura Seidel, Donna Peacock (Secretary Donna Peacock)

S.S. Director

Laura Seidel, Assistant Stella Cowan


2008 Bill Graddy, Carol Hogue

2009 Diana Boyd, XXXXXXXXX

2010 XXXXXXXX, Karl Hahn


Randy Odle, Dennis Williams, Jerry Brown


Carol Hogue


2008 J. Nelson Cowen

2009 Bill Hogue

2010 - Harold Boyd

VBS Director

Carol Hogue, Director Teresa Hahn, Co-Director


**Bold & Underlined designates Committee Chairman